SFDC SalesforceXyTools Data Migrate

How to migrate data between two Salesforce Organization ?

How to migrate data between Salesforce Organization ?
You can use dataloader download from Salesforce Organization 1,
and then upload to the Salesforce Organization 2.
This is the common way . But , it is slow.
Today I will introduce the new way for you.

SFDC SalesforceXyTools Data Migrate

You can use SalesforceXyTools to Migrate Data between two Salesforce Organization.

Step1. Open the Query(Data Migrate)

Open the Query(Data Migrate) Page as below.

Step2. Input your soql in organization1

Input your soql, and run it.

Check your data.

Step3. Select your Organization2


Run Bulk Insert, the soql will be run in organization1, and the data will be transfer to organization2 by bulk api.
Also, you can Bulk Delete data.

Step4. Check Result.

Check the log as below:

Check the job in Organization2:

Check the data in Organization2:

Install SalesforceXyTools For Chrome

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