SFDC VF ActionFunction

Posted by ExiaHuang on April 14, 2017

SFDC VF ActionFunction

Comparing JavaScript Remoting and actionFunction

JavaScript Remoting Example

  • The tag:
    • lets you specify rerender targets
    • submits the form
    • doesn’t require you to write any JavaScript
  • JavaScript remoting:
    • lets you pass parameters
    • provides a callback
    • requires you to write some JavaScript

explain 1

You must specify a rerender attribute in the `` tag! Without this the generated function does take any parameters, but as soon as you put it in then it does - even if you just leave it empty, i.e. the below code will generate doStuff(x) {...} Go figure.</div> ```html ``` ## explain 2
```html </apex:pageBlock> ```
つまりというか、rerenderしないとパラメータ渡せないようです。 元々rerenderありきのタグなんでしょうかね。
## explain 3 ![SFDC VF actionfunction](/images/sfdc-actionfunction/actionfunction.jpg) ## How Can I pass parameters using apex:actionFunction??
There is an example for you
```js ``` # SFDC VF ActionSupport ```html ```