Salesforce one-to-one relationship

Posted by ExiaHuang on July 8, 2017

How can i create one-to-one relationship between two custom objects in

Example: I have two custom objects having following details:

1) Employee (Name, PanCardNo) 2)PanCard(PanCardNo Name_on_card)

I have gone through documents of salesforce, but i can able to find out only lookup (One-to-many raltionship) and master-detail relationship(many-to-many relationship).

Is there any way to create one-to-one relationship??

Types of relationships that Salesforce provide

  • Master-detail relationship 主従関係
  • Lookup 参照関係

Creating one to one relationship between objects in Salesforce


In this article we’ll be using Master-detail relationship to implement one-to-one relationship.

To make a this relationship one-to-one we will be using rollup summary concept.

  1. Create a rollup summary field managerCount (count) in departments, this will be auto populated depending upon the number of managers associated with that particular department.
  2. Create a validation rule(入力規則) in department object on managerCount field. Throw an error “department can be managed by only one manager”when the managerCount is greater that 1.