SalesforceXytoolsForSublime is Rapid development tools for Salesforce Development.

  • Create Salesforce Project, Retrieve Metadata, Search Metadata

  • Create ApexClass, ApexTrigger, ApexComponent, Refresh, Diff with Server(Support winmerge diff), Save to Server, Deploy to Server

  • SObject Viewer, SObject Description, Export SOjbect Fields to Excel

  • Run SOQL Query, Tooling Query, Apex Script.

  • Code Creator : Auto Create Apex Test Class Code, Auto Create Test Data For Apex Test Class.

  • SFDC Dataviewer, SFDC Online Dataviewer.

  • Atuo Login SFDC (two login type: oauth2 , password config).

  • Quick local sfdc file from sublime.

  • Quick Search SObject Data/SObject Setting/ApexClass/Trigger/VisualForce Page/VisualForce Components/Email Template/Static Resource and open on browser Quickly

  • Package.xml Builder.

  • Build Release Package.

  • Integrate Sfdc Dataloader, Config DataLoader and Run (Need Ant and Java Environment)

Set your schedule, backup your sfdc data.

  • Integrate Sfdc Migration Tool (Need Ant and Java Environment)

  • Auto Backup all metadata script(Set your schedule, backup your sfdc metadata.).

Basic on OpenSource

SalesforceXyToolsForSublime is based on python and open source below.

  1. xlsxwriter (License: BSD)
  2. Simple-Salesforce (License: Apache 2.0)
  3. requests (License: Apache 2.0)

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About Author : Exia.Huang

Other tools for salesforce

SalesforceXyTools for Chrome is a developer tools for Salesforce,SFDC, Login SFDC By 1 click. Quickly Search Metadata Sobject,Apex,Trigger,Page,Component,EmailTemplate,SataticResource, etc. Auto Create Soql, Run Soql, Soql History. Run Apex Script. Quick Search SFDC Document.