1. Auto config dataloader.
  2. Backup salesforce sobject data.


  • Set up your java and ant environment.
  • You must install java and ant before use ant dataloader.
  • You not need to Install the dataloader.
  • Make sure you can login your sfdc. Test it : SFDC-XY > Login SFDC

Tips : You not need to Install the dataloader, Salesforcexytools integrates with dataloader.

Auto Config Dataloader

Open Sublime-Menu : SFDC-XY > Dataloader > Build Ant Dataloader Configuration


Select Your Sobjects and Select Start To Config, example:


You can find AntDataloader in ./sfdc-xy/AntDataloader Folder.


Run AntDataloader

Ant command

cd ./sfdc-xy/AntDataloader


Run in sublime

Dataloader > Run Ant Dataloader The data will be export to /sfdc-xy/AntDataloader/Export_YYYYMMDD_HHmm


config your soql

Open ./sfdc-xy/AntDataloader/build.xml

Add your export task, you can export sfdc sobject data easily.

    <target name="start_export">
        <!-- <export file="{FILE_NAME}" object="{SOBJECT_NAME}" soql="{SOQL}"/> -->
        <export file="Blog__c" object="Blog__c" soql="SELECT Id , Name , Title__c, Body__c FROM Blog__c"/>
        <export file="Log__c" object="Log__c" soql="SELECT Id , Name, Body__c FROM Log__c"/>

Tips: Config the build.xml and copy Ant Dataloader to anywhere, and add your schedule job to export sfdc data.

Schedule Task , Auto Backup sfdc sobject data.

copy ./sfdc-xy/AntDataloader To any folder. and schedule task.