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Exia Sfdc App


My tools for sfdc developer

My tools for sfdc developer

jekyll hello world

sfdx docker develope environment

simple dataloader cli

use Username-Password OAuth Authentication in sfdx command

custom console in vscode

汉英英汉词典 for vscode

xysfdx and Dataloader Cli.

xysfdx use docker mode to develope sfdx.

xysfdx Use WSL mode to develope sfdx.

use xysfdx Diff metadata.

use xysfdx Export and Import Data Between Orgs.

use xysfdx print debug

use xysfdx Retrieve changeset

xysfdx is a Rapid development tool for Salesforce SFDX Development.

沪江词典 for vscode

xymath for vscode


C Program in xycode

xycode express in docker

xycode flask in docker

xycode jekyll in docker

xycode and docker

xycodeはvscode の軽量コマンドエグゼキューター


xycode is a lightweight command executor for vscode

Nodejs in xycode

python in xycode

Salesforce CLI in xycode

Cmder for Docker

Cmder for Sublime Text

Cmder for Hexo Blog

Cmder for Vue

Cmder For Express and heroku

Cmder for Dotnet

Lightning Web Components HelloWorld


SalesforcexytoolsCore, a python library for salesforce







SalesforceXyToolsCore/Python上でSalesforceのREST APIへアクセス







SalesforcexytoolsCore Introduce

SalesforceXytoolsForSublime Reference

Salesforce test code creator

Auto Create Salesforce VisualForce Apex

Search sfdc metadata

Copy a Lightning Component

Save Your Sfdc Module and build a deploy module package

Soql Creator

PermissionSet Builder

How to export Apex Code Coverage

Salesforce package.xml Auto Builder

Use SalesforceXytoolsForSublime Salesforce Deploy Package

Export Sfdc Sobject Schema To Excel

Auto config salesforce ant-migration-tools and Backup Metadata

Auto config salesforce ant-dataloader and Backup Sobject Data

Run sfdc soql, apex script, tooling api

Export Sobject to Excel and Search Sobject

Use SalesforceXytoolsForSublime to develop SFDC

How to Config SalesforceXytoolsForSublime

How to Install SalesforceXytoolsForSublime

Fermat's Last Theorem

微积分入门导数 Indeterminate - 0 divided by 0

one examination questions from Tokyo Institute of Technology

Riemann Zeta Function

lightning ui

Maths KeyWords

Hexo memo


Salesforce batch feture queueable

Salesforce WebToLead Error

Salesforce Dataloader Exception

Docker Setup

Salesforce DMLOptions.DuplicateRuleHeader クラス

Salesforce searchable field

How is the default java heap size determined?

Centos Env Install

Salesforce Report Parameter

Salesforce Web To Lead リードの「取引の開始」時にトリガを実行する方法

Salesforce Apex Database.Stateful

Salesforce Selecting compound data not supported in Bulk Query

Salesforce Delete Product Class・Trigger・etc

Use Salesforcexytools dataloader to auto backup salesforce.

SFDC SalesforceXyTools Data Migrate 2

Salesforce Ant Dataloader backup

Salesforce Apex auto create soql

VBA Replace NG char

JS Papaparse Read CSV

Reading in a local csv file in javascript?

SFDC SalesforceXyTools Data Migrate

SFDC DataBackup

SFDC Trigger Fix Data

この 数式項目 を保存するには、少なくとも 1 個のリレーションを削除する必要があります

SFDC Can we create List controller for CampaignMember

SFDC Search

SFDC Event WhoId WhatId

SFDC Release Memo

自動化ルール、および、Apex トリガーはどのような順番で処理されますか?

SFDC ID値の15桁表現と18桁

SFDC String Equal

javascript set all checkbox true

SFDC Trigger Review

SFDC DateTime in local Time Zone

How to access an object related lists in apex

SFDC Apex with sharing and without sharing

SFDC learn permission Edit Read Only Fields

SFDC JSForce Memo

How do I export multiple html tables to excel?

VBA Memo

Salesforce Trigger Context Variables

Salesforce Selecting compound data not supported in Bulk Query

Dashboard error message - report can't be used as the source

Salesforce Sobject Field Type

Salesforce Report Parameters

Salesforce Using REGEX in Validations

Salesforce 未対応の Apex 例外のメール通知受信者の設定

Salesforce one-to-one relationship

個人取引先の概要, what is person account

Salesforce Web To Lead

Salesforce Using REGEX Validations

Salesforce Apex Database.AllowsCallouts

Salesforce Field Sets,項目セット

Salesforce Memo

ADM 201 考过总结

SFDC salesforce certifications,关于 Salesforce 认证的整体介绍

Salesforce Knowledge Objects


SFDC Apex Call Rest

SFDC Apex Stop All Job

Using Tooling Api To Get SFDC Apex Log

Javascript promise loop

SalesforceXyTools Online Introduce

SFDC Limits

SFDC VF ActionFunction

SFDC Org Permission

SFDC CLiq Dataloader

SFDC Apex GlobalDescribe

A Simple Sublime Addon Example

sfdc two way to get apex testcode list

SFDC Test Factory

jQuery - selectors on a html string

How to use jsforce to call rest api?

How do I promisify native XHR?

SalesforceXyTools For Chrome

Windows Batch Script For Git

SFDC Apex Flex Queue Limit

SFDC Add Schedule

Salesforce apex updateあるいはdeleteしたらDmlExceptionが出た

regex expression

dos comment

Git Help


Android LGL24 LGFlashTool


mac rest password Mac单用户模式重设管理员密码

windows dos wifi share